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Shree Jagannathji Sterlin
Shree Jagannathji Sterling Products has been successful in catering to the requirements of our esteemed clients by offering quality Edible Silver Leaves. These leaves are processed using pure silver and no added chemicals. Moreover, these leaves are tested on various parameters to ensure their safe consumption.
Silver is considered prec
Silver is considered precious and its utility is enormous. The reason behind this is that silver reflects back 95% of the light energy that falls on it. The silver foils used for edible purposes is called VARAKH. It is an ideal product for Vegans and Non Vegans equally. Shree Jagannathji Sterling Products now offers these silver foils at economical rates.
Edible gold powder brings
Edible gold powder brings a lustrous shimmer to chocolate, cakes, and sugar work. Previously available only to culinary professionals, edible gold powder is now available to all from Shree Jagannathji Sterling Products. For prices and quantities please visit our website or call us at +91 8079407116.
Edible gold is flavorless
Edible gold is flavorless, odorless, and nontoxic and can be used to garnish desserts, cocktails, and entrées. At Shree Jagannathji Sterling Products, it is made of pure gold (24-karat) and is available in several forms like sheets, flakes, and powder. The edible gold manufactured is completely hygenic and can be consumed by vegetarians as well.
Shree Jagannathji Sterlin
Shree Jagannathji Sterling Products is a well known supplier of edible Silver Leaves (Chandi Vark) which are widely used in sweets, chocolates, cookies, etc. Though the silver leaves are edible, these are flavorless and digested easily. The silver leaf is made by pounding silver into a sheet a few micrometres thick, and backed with paper for support; this paper is peeled away before use.